Saturday, February 23, 2008

Teenagers and Money Woes

Last weekend, my 17 yo son decided to see if he could work at the farm on Saturdays...seems he's having a bit of trouble budgeting his money...his dad suggested he simply spend less. "But that means less fun," was his reply. Later, he said he guessed Dad was right, he'd just have less fun. Wednesday night at church, his pocket was full of appears he's been using change for lunch money all week.

We've tried something new with him, since he was around 15, we give him a sufficient allowance on the first of the month. But out of this money, he has give his tithe to church, buy fuel for his truck ('94 Chevy = $), lunch money, haircuts, truck repairs or expenses, and spending money. This has been a wonderful learning experience for him. He knows exactly what gas for that truck costs, what it costs for truck inspection stickers, license plates (one February expense) and that you can spend $5-10 at Pizza Parlor or Whataburger several nights a week, and it adds up. Throw in a concert or two in Corpus each month, and you're using dimes for lunch money - lol. Plus, we probably come out ahead not giving him money each time he goes out for something.

As for the rest of us, Allan's shoulder is still giving him fits...finally went to the chiropractor on Friday, and to our massage therapist today. Seems to have helped at bit, and he's planning on visiting both next week as well. The pain seems to be a bit better, although the tingling is still there. He washed all the clothes yesterday except for two loads, so my work today is practically done.

I left school yesterday once again with no lesson plans. And we have a church event to go to on Sunday, so *sigh*, I guess my streak is really up. My papers are graded though, and I will average grades sometime today. I got a letter for a free membership for pastor's wives at Curves this week and am considering this. I used to go to Curves and loved it, and maybe this is what I need to jump myself off the plateau where I've been sitting for several months.

Jacob made it to the quarterfinals of his Tennis tournament on Friday, so I think his ankle is holding up OK. He plays another tournament on Friday, maybe he'll do a bit better.

Markus played in two soccer games this week (both losses). He didn't get much playing time in Tuesday's game, which disappointed him. The team they played last night was very good, he said. It's always tough to lose all the time. But that is Kingsville sports for you - we have a lot of experience in losing.

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