Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog's Day Resolutions

OK...most people make resolutions on New Years...never-the-less...

I hereby resolve to return to blogging on Saturdays. To check in on my blogging buddies to see how their lives are going. To share any interesting tidbits about my own life.

There! Let's see how it goes.

The month of January flew by. Allan was ill with a monster stomach virus several weeks ago (lost 9 pounds in one night!). Jacob sprained his ankle big time at tennis two weeks ago. He's recovering nicely, and hopefully will be back on the courts soon. I apparently developed a peanut allergy overnight since Allan rushed me to the ER last Sunday night after a peanut butter sandwich shut down my lung capacity in less than 10 minutes. I must be some kind of a freak of nature - why must my health be full of such drama?? Markus is the only one of us that has had nothing dramatic happen to himself.

Jacob was inducted into NHS last week. Thankfully he was able to limp across the stage and not have to maneuver stairs with the crutches.

Our newest cat, Parsons, turns out to be quite the mouser. Caught a big mouse two nights ago - in the HOUSE. Way to go Parsons!

School is going great. I think I have broken my record for being prepared every day. (3 weeks and counting!) I feel so professional :)

I will check in on everyone tomorrow, leave some comments, and hopefully find myself back in the blogging swing of things.


Tara said...

I had no idea you could develop a peanut allergy as an adult... wow... scary!

Thanks for your encouraging comment- I appreciated it very much!

Constance said...

I have faithfully checked your blog, figuring that life has been busy for you and it looks like I am right! 9 pounds overnight! YIKES! I had a reaction to one of the chemo drugs I was on a couple of years back and it was scary. My throat began swelling shut and it was difficult to breathe! I was dinging the bell like crazy to get the nurse's attention. They injected a steroid into my IV an in a couple of minutes I was already returning to normal! Still, That was REALLY scary!
Thanks for stopping by and wishing us well.

Mammy said...

Haaayyyyy!!!! Where you at woman??? We're missing you like the dickens out here in the Blogosphere. What happened to that Saturday blogging thang? hehhe