Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Year, New Projects

I can't believe January is almost history.  Life is busy as always, full of adventure and laughs.  Our church is celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year.  As a result, my women's group is sponsoring a 100th anniversary cookbook.  we haven't had a cookbook since 2000.  Things started out pretty slowly, but the ladies got busy and we gathered 418 recipes!  I was hoping for 200.  We met this morning and proofread all 418 recipes, making changes as we went.  It took 9 ladies and 4 hours, but we got 'er done.  We start pre-sales tomorrow and hope to have our order place before the 6th.  I am full of anticipation to see the finished product. 

Next up is the pictorial directory.  Meeting with that guy in a week.  This anniversary stuff is hard work!

School is going pretty good.  I've kept on schedule in all the subjects - which is nothing short of a miracle! 

Our family is doing great.  Sarah's pregnancy is progressing nicely.  She feels good and they now know she's having a girl!  We can hardly wait :)  Jacob will graduate in May.  He is still pondering his next move.  Grad school, job, military...time will tell--I know God will show him the way.  Allan and I continue to try to catch a movie each Friday.  We saw 31 movies in 2011.  We've got to beat that in 2012!  Movies don't cost much in our little town, and it's fun to have something local to do together.  We began the new school year having breakfast together, the three of us.  Allan cooks while I get ready for work, and we get Jacob up when it's ready to eat.  We've really enjoyed this regular family time together.  We do our devotions now in the morning when we're always all together.

Life is good...happy, healthy, loved.  I am truly blesses!

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