Saturday, September 17, 2011


I didn't sit down to write about rain, but just as I started -- THUNDER!!  And rain!!  Every little bit will help our poor dry land.  I've been watering the grass all day (I have about 4 hours to go to finish it all.)  They said on the news last week that we are about 25" short of rain from this time last year.  We'll blow away before long.  I was walking in the back of the playground last week and was shocked!  The ground is deeply cracked, and the concrete that holds up the fence posts are almost completely uncovered where the soil has blown away.  You can see almost a foot of the re-bar that holds the landscape timbers surrounding the playground.  Huge amounds of soil has blown away.  Yikes.

We've had quite a bit of exciting news since school has resumed.  Sarah is expecting our third grandchild in May!  We are so thrilled to have a new grand-baby!  God is so good.

Jacob ordered his class ring last week - TAMUK class of 2012!  He's worked so hard and we're really proud that he's able to graduate in 3 years.  He also has a lead on a job as Assistant Farm Manager after graduation.  It's too early to know yet, but I'm really excited that he has a lead this early in the process.  He's busy thinking about 21st birthday activities.  Time goes by so fast.

As for me, as hard as I've been trying to be fit and healthy, I took my first dose of Lipitor today :(  But Allan says it's the best thing.  I hate having to take medicine though. 

School is going pretty good.  I've been able to maintain my staying aheadness.  lol.  I am almost finished with all my lesson plans for the second grading period, and I'm keeping up with my copying for the week ahead.  So far so good.  Not behind in grading.  This MUST be a record.

Allan and I continue to do fun things together.  We have started going to the TAMUK volleyball games.  We don't really know much about volleyball, but are having a blast learning.  It's really fast paced and fun to watch.  We went to see "The Help" last night, and it was a GREAT movie...friends we went with have read the book and said it wasn't like the book, but either way, it was good!

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