Sunday, January 17, 2010

January is for Organizing

That's what I hear anyway. That's what we're trying to do, for sure. We've purchased shelving units (3) for the garage, and have promptly filled them up (almost). We have a truckload of things for Goodwill which will be delivered tomorrow or Tuesday. The sorting through, throwing away, and filing in the proper place is still underway. I went through an entire basket yesterday, filing only a few papers, and trashing everything else.

Have you seen that show about Hoarders? Our problem is that my beloved husband is a profound anti-hoarder, and I lean toward the hoarding side. Not like these poor people on the TV show, but I do think of most things as mementos. So he runs across a bin of things I've saved, and can't believe I've saved it. lol. I'm learning I don't need to keep every little thing. I'm toting off tons of sports equipment tomorrow. Who knows why I kept all that stuff. You should have seen all the flat balls I dug out yesterday. Luckily the dumpster had room.

Wish me common sense as I continue sorting!

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Jules said...

Yay for you!! Doesn't it feel good? I used to have a problem with keeping things, until we moved into this house, which just doesn't have much room for "stuff". My problem now is just finding the time to sort through things.

Good luck on your de-cluttering journey! :)