Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Hereby Resolve . . .

  • To post on my blog once a week (along with this means keeping up and commenting on my cyber friends' blogs.
  • To lose 25 pounds (not 20 and gain back 18 like last year) You may follow my progress in my sidebar ---->
  • To plan my meals on a weekly basis and be prepared each evening to cook said meals.
  • To keep up with the housework so my beloved husband doesn't have to do it himself.
  • To stay in the Word with at least a small daily Bible reading.
  • To NOT let myself get behind on grading so I don't have to spend a marathon weekend before grades are due.
  • To read something from Wall Street Journal online at least every other day.
There you have it. A very small list of things I'd like to strive to do better this year.

1 comment:

Laura said...

What a great list! I'll join you on a couple of those -- like Bible reading, the house, posting, and grading!

Come visit me sometime for encouragement.