Monday, July 13, 2009

Where has Summer Gone?

It is already the middle of July, and it seems school was out just days ago. We've been running all summer, it seems. I thought I'd give an update on Summer so far.

We started the month of June with Jacob's last week of high school. He graduated 6th in his class in what was a fairly nice ceremony. Except for being packed into a very overheated facility! We had a nice day, and enjoyed Sarah and her family sharing it with us.

The next week was our church's annual Vacation Bible School. As always this was a total blast! I was in charge of Rocky's PreSchool Clubhouse, and had 9 wonderful 4 year olds. What fun:)

Following this, we traveled to College Station for Jacob's New Student Orientation. This was two extremely well organized days of very informative stuff! Not a moment of our time was wasted. We came home with Jacob's schedule done, ID card in hand, sports pass ready to roll, meal plan picked, PO Box done, and books ordered. Time well spent.

Jessa's birthday comes next. We had a great day with Sarah and Jessa. We got her a bubble blowing lawn mower which she loved. She had a funfetti cake with pink icing. It was great seeing them again so soon.

We traveled to Dallas after this for our Texas District LCMS convention. That was smooth sailing, and the bonus was we got to get together with my mom and Allan's family for dinner. It is always so great to get to see the family.

Then last week, Allan and I got to babysit for Jessa for the day while Sarah and Joey spent a day together just the two of them. I know I'm the Grandma, but she is the most wonderful little girl. She has got loads and LOADS of personality, and is SO SMART. We had the best time ever.

I've been busily working on an A&M quilt for Jacob to use in the dorm. Hopefully it will be complete by weeks end. That's what I'm shooting for anyway. I'll post a picture once it's done.

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Emily H. said...

Wow, sounds like you've had a busy but nice summer so far!