Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

What a great day! We went to see the sixth installment of the Harry Potter movies. We've been anticipating it for weeks. We watched each of the previous five movies, one each day for the last 5 days. The Half-Blood Prince was worth the wait. It was excellent. Lots of humor, to counter the drama and scary parts. Of course, for anyone who has read the book, there will be no real surprises. Big shocks for those who haven't read the book. Ron and Hermoine's interaction is wonderfully acted, and Ginny's character really shines in this movie. Draco is wonderfully evil, yet your heart feels for him and his situation. The special effects are 'brilliant.' Especially the opening sequences almost made me queasy. Every one of the 155 minutes of this film is worth sitting in the theater. Sit back and enjoy!

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