Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Know....I Know.....I Know

I know I missed my weekend post. AND I know it's almost the weekend again already (yipee). But this has been a crazy time. First, my reviews:

"Where Angels Go," by Debbie Macomber. This is a delightful book. It appears that she has written other books, and I'm definitely looking for them at the library. My friend, Susan, had checked this out last week, and gave it to me to read. (She is having a heart attack about now because it's due tomorrow and she knows I rarely return a book on time - but I'll take it by after school tomorrow:) It is a Christmas story about the guardian angels Shirley, Goodness and Mercy and their assignments that Gabriel gives them for the week leading up to Christmas. Apparently they tend to get into a bit of trouble every time they're sent to Earth. It's fairly theologically OK, and just a beautiful story. A++

"Nim's Island" Allan and I went to see this last Friday, and WOW. This is a great adventure movie. It is creative, funny, sensitive, well acted...we just loved this movie. Two weekends -- two great movies. Probably be months before that happens again!

At school, I've been buried in achievement tests and testing. Last week we tested every day. Because we're a small school, the teachers score their own tests, and do all the results themselves. This is a brain numbing/back breaking job. There are chart after chart of tiny numbers and columns and rows that all have to be kept just so. But it's done now and I am currently half way through parent conferences.

Our niece was confirmed in Fort Worth the Sunday after Easter, and I just got her gift in the mail today. I hate not being able to be at such important events. Since we've been here, we've missed one high school graduation, and 3 confirmations. It makes me sad. She is an awesome young lady...terrific student...amazing ballerina...and a very serious and devout Christian. We love her to pieces.

The biggest news of all: My wonderful friend - who lives in New Orleans - her mother has been very ill for the past month with cancer. We have prayed for her since we met ten years ago that she would know the love that Christ has for her. My friend spoke some pointed words to her mother several years ago, which has been in the back of her mind all this time. Her mother called Allan Monday and said told him she wanted to learn about Christ, join the church and be baptised (I'm tearing up yet again just typing this). Tomorrow, she's being baptised at her home with her close friends nearby. She is positively glowing with the love of Christ. Needless to say, my friend is crazy happy and thankful to God for his answering of prayers. Amen.


mommy to four j's said...

My daughter is going to see that movie this weekend. I hope your weekend is a little less busy. Have a blessed weekend, Char

Constance said...

Timing is such an incredible thing. When my oldest daughter was 12, my husband and I made the Heart-breaking decision to allow her to move in with my ex-husband, her dad. It's a long story but God gave me such amazing peace, that a non-Believer could never understand. It was hard being apart but I knew it was the right thing to do. God honored my prayers and He surrounded her with Christian people (it turned out to be our future Son-in-Law and his parents!) She is a beautiful, strong, Godly woman.

Flash forward to March 2006. After all of the years she had lived away from us, growing in the Lord, she had the priviledge of leading her Paternal Grandmother to the Lord. Her grandmother died one month later, (today is the anniversary in fact of her grandmother's death.)

It was then that I realized that she has her own mission field. I raised her in those early years with a foundation in the Lord. She is witnessing to her father and his family and is needed there. One day, we will have all of eternity to spend together and as much as I miss her, I have that beautiful thought that gives me joy.

All of that to say that your friend has been working in the mission field that God wants her in, her own back yard. It is wonderful when the Lord allows you to see the seeds that you have planted, grow, bear fruit and be harvested!


Jules said...

Nim's Island was a great movie! We all loved it.

I am so happy for your friend, to find peace in the Lord is a great thing.

Me said...

It's time to blog again, sister!